IN A WORLD OF CHAOS, confused chatter, and shallow opinions dressed in platitudes, Truth has become increasingly difficult to find—would you agree? This is why Jenna and Jay are launching “The Black and White TruthCast: Real, Raw, and Rooted.” Jenna and Jay are truth speakers for truth seekers and aim to provide a Biblical perspective of depth, rooted in wisdom and revelation, regarding what’s really going on behind our culture’s many masks. They are not about drama and they are not about being PC. They might make you laugh—they might make you cry. Their purpose is to reframe for you, not to entertain you, but their conversations will be far from boring. The truth never is. If you’re tired of milk and have an appetite for transformational truths, join Jenna and Jay at the roundtable for a hearty meal of truth steak, where iron sharpens iron so we can all cut into the deep.


TruthCast Co-founder.





Jay Jones is a writer, a mama, a podcast editor. She loves studying the Bible and can’t stop writing. Married since 2004 to her husband, Taylor, she has 4 kids, ages 2 to 14 years. They live in Chicago and pursue creativity in the midst of the daily grind. You can read some of Jay’s writing on her blog or on Instagram @jacelya_jones.


TruthCast Co-Founder.

Director of Possibilities.

Prophetic Strategist.

Revelatory Voice.

Freedom Writer.

Jenna is a prophetic strategist, revelatory voice, freedom writer, and breakthrough coach who is trained in teaching, spiritual formation, inner healing, and life coaching.

Jenna is a single mom who homeschools her littles and makes grilled cheese on demand by day, and deep-dives into the mysteries of the heavenly realm by night.  Jenna tries to take what God shows her to make key take-aways plain so that others may grab ahold of the revelations and run their race with divine insight.

Jenna scribes. She speaks. And she studies. Not necessarily in that order. She also regularly drinks coffee and dances in her jammies with her kids in the living room to worship music. Usually in that order.