Don’t Embarrass Me

Posted on April 19, 2021Comments Off on Don’t Embarrass Me

In the twenty-second chapter of Leviticus, it says,

‘And you shall not pollute the Name of my holiness which is hallowed among the children of Israel; I AM LORD JEHOVA who hallows you’

(32, Aramaic Bible in Plain English). This passage of Scripture is amazing. The holiness of God really stands out in this translation.

I’m not able to meet God’s holiness on any level, but these powerful words remind me of my admiration, love, and honor for my parents. They’re not perfect like my God, but they are really good parents and awe-inspiring humans on many levels—the hardships they’ve endured, the burdens they’ve taken on with gratitude, the work they’ve put in to improve themselves and to parent my brother and me, and the injustice they’ve faced with faith, clinging to the Truth and Word of God.

Because of what my parents inspire in me, I’d never want to embarrass them.

Because of the revelation God keeps unfolding within my spirit about Who He really is, I want to live worthy of everything He is and does, which brings worship out of me unbidden.