I Am Who You Say I Am

Posted on April 30, 2021Comments Off on I Am Who You Say I Am

I believe all kinds of things I haven’t seen for myself and which I cannot explain. I am willing to concede that the imaginations of relentlessly curious scientists may indeed prove accurate regarding any number of things. 

I celebrate wins for which the prize has only been promised or proclaimed.

For instance, when I won two books, chocolate, and a journal in a giveaway, I immediately happy-danced to the nearest device and shared the amazing news: I’d won my first giveaway.

“I’ll mail it soon,” I’d been told. I didn’t know the person who’d informed me.

Yet…I celebrated.

Leviticus Chapter Twenty-three mentions celebration, and I wonder, Why don’t I celebrate what I know about God?

  • That He loves me
  • That my sin debt has been paid by LORD Jesus and my sins forgotten
  • That I am a new, obedient, adopted child who has an expected end—a hope and a future.

Hubby and I are Wheel Watchers. (If you don’t know what I mean, you better ask somebody.) My point in telling you is, If—When—we win a house (or Bingo, whatever) we’ll celebrate

  • Before we see the money deposited in an account or, sign paperwork
  • DEFINITELY before we pay the Tax Man
  • Before there is cash or a key in our hands.

I think there is ample reason to celebrate my God and my identity—who He says I am. Right now!

The devil and his dark army are making war against the prophetic promise my heavenly Father planted inside me. The kingdom of darkness is attacking who God says I am, whether I’m standing in that heavenly truth or not.

Shouldn’t I stand in the truth? 

Shouldn’t I celebrate the Big, God-sized inheritance I’ve won by grace through faith?